DEF CON Blog - Day 2

Day 2 - Friday

On Thursday I got up at 6am so I could see the conference early. There was not much open but it was still very fun to walk around and talk to people.

Once the lockpicking village opened I went there, it was terrifyingly easy to pick padlocks. Within an hour of first picking up a pick set I was able to open master locks in a few minutes.


Once everyone else woke up we went to some talks. The whole group watched the “Private Until Presumed Guilty” talk by Allison Young and Diane Akerman about what data falls under the forth amendment. After that talk Noah and I watched the “Second Breakfast: Implicit and Mutation-Based Serialization Vulnerabilities in .NET” talk by Jonathan Birch about RCE vulnerabilities in .NET and many NOSQL databases.


I tried to sample pretty much all of the villages, but I spent the most time in the lockpicking village. I stopped by the packet hacking village and got this picture of the wall of sheep.

wall of sheep