Outline For the Float Project 2023/2024

Project Goals

The goals for the Sunk Robotics float this year are supposed to address the shortcomings of the float last year. The float was able to complete vertical profiles and was built on a good frame, but it had reliability issues, and was not able to complete the communication part of the task.

We are planning on designing a PCB and having a board house manufactured it. We also want a more reiable battery solution.

To address the communication issues we are going to use a lower frequency communication protocol and make the antenna stick above the water. We also plan on switching to C++ rather than python because of better embedded library support.



  • Choose communication technology
  • Choose easily available motor
  • Have CAD model of modular base
  • Have working example “ping, pong” radio code
  • Get new bigger tube


  • Have working breadboard version of electronics
  • Have PCB schematic
  • Full CAD model of float
  • Have prototype of modular piston
  • Have topside code


  • Make PCB prototype in-shop
  • Test PCB prototype
  • Have fully machined modular base


  • Assemble prototype
  • Send PCB schematic to board house
  • Start testing and debugging