Week of 9/26/2022

Robotics Class

Finishing Wrench

I wanted to keep the first edition of my wrench, so I started the week by cutting a new wrench and cleaning up the edges with an angle grinder. After that I spray painted the wrench red in many small coats. Once it dried I put the wrench into the laser cutter and rastered the text I wanted onto the wrench.

Image of wrench Image of wrench

Starting Breadboard Arduino

Later in the week I started putting together a Breadboard Arduino in order to make progress towards the required light box project. To do this I put the following components onto a breadboard.

  • ATMega328p Microcontroller
  • 16Mhz Resonator
  • .1uF Capacitor
  • 4.7K Resistor
  • Button

Image of Breadboard Arduino Image of Breadboard Arduino

Robotics Club

During the meeting we discussed what particular cameras we want to buy. We needed stereoscopic vision, relatively high resolution, and low latency. We are not completely sure, but we are most likely going to be using the Arducam 16MP Autofocus Camera, or the Arducam High Quality Camera. Although this may not seem like a big decision cameras are expensive and it will effect how well our computer vision will work.

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